About The Young Artist’s Studio

Blue Horses, Oil Pastel, The Young Artist's StudioSINCE 2005, Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors eager to sample the visual arts or further their abilities have found The Young Artist’s Studio a nurturing creative environment.  Free from criticism, judgment or evaluation, our instruction encourages personal discovery and exploration of the process rather than the final product.

The benefits of making, looking at and appreciating art stimulates, improves and accelerates mental and spiritual growth and it is our conviction that everyone has talent worthy of development and should be encouraged to pursue their own unique vision.  We at The Young Artist’s Studio seek to plant the seeds for a life-long love of creativity and confidence of imagination.

Student artists at The Young Artist's Studio

The Young Artist’s Studio offers classes based in drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, cartooning, sculpture and assemblage often with a thematic reference to a particular artist, art movement or culture. All materials, tools and media are included in the tuition and all a student need bring is clothing appropriate to the inevitable spills and stains associated with active artistic participation.

Our studio is located in Kitsap County in downtown Bremerton near Evergreen Park on the corner of McKenzie Avenue and 12th street.

Instructor’s Biographies

Robin Mercer / Owner & Instructor / The Young Artist's StudioRobin Dené Mercer – A graduate of The Art Institute of Seattle, Robin is an artist and illustrator. Years of experience teaching children are evident in Robin’s understanding, genuine affinity and talent for stimulating and nurturing a child’s instinctual artistic natures.


David Mercer / Owner & Instructor / The Young Artist's StudioDavid Mercer – A seasoned veteran of the visual arts, David taught at The Art Institute of Seattle for over twenty years while freelancing as a designer, illustrator and fine artist. A patient and attentive instructor, David provides solid practical instruction while challenging students to plumb the depths of their creativity.

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