Adult Classes

CREATIVE EXPRESSION is a path toward self-discovery and renewal.  Mastering fundamental skills brings confidence and the joy of achievement.  I delight in sharing my knowledge, skills and insights with enthusiastic, committed Young Adult Teens, Adults and Elder Adults.  I am a seasoned, patient, inspirational instructor and practicing professional artist dedicated to seeing you develop a style unique to yourself.

I offer a spectrum of classes and choices of studio times. Classes are limited to five students, ensuring you of individual attention.  Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Choose your classes and preferred times and call to register.

TUITION – A minimum five-week commitment is $150 for one student / $140 each for two / $130 each for three / $120 each for four / $100 each for a maximum of five students.  With the exception of Mixed Media / Assemblage & Collage and Matting & Framing, tuition includes all media, tools and materials

STUDIO TIMES – Classes meet once a week Tuesdays through Thursdays.                     Call or email to schedule.


DRAWING STUDIOSThe foundation of most visual art!  Let go of those limiting preconceptions and learn to truly “see”. Gain understanding of Form, Volume, Depth, Light, Shade and the Expressive Line. Choose from the following classes:

Beginning Drawing“If You Can Write, You Can Draw!” – Tools and Media. Still Life Studies. Shape, Size, Proportion, Texture and Color. Structure, Light/Shade, Perspective, Relationships. Line, Plane and Tone.

Intermediate Drawing“And You Said You Couldn’t Draw a Straight Line – Good!” – Charcoal, Pastel, Pen, Ink and Wash.  Introduction to Figure, Animals and Portraiture.  Structural, Gestural and Contour Drawing.

Advanced Drawing“Further On Down The Road!” – Exercises based on individual needs and desires and experimental exploration and media.

Figure Drawing – “No More Stick Figures!” – Basic Anatomy/Head, Hands and Feet / The Action Figure.  Working from the Photograph vs. Working from Life.  Clothed model fee additional.  Intermediate drawing ability recommended.

Perspective Drawing“Oh Man, That’s Deep!” – Master the theory and practice of convincing and accurate depth and distance in your drawings.  Beginning drawing ability recommended.

PAINTING STUDIOS –  Ah color! The spring of a brush, the tactile joy of smearing pastels with your fingers!  Does it get any better than this? Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced. Choose from the following classes:


Watercolor – “Relax, It’s Only Paint On Paper – What Could Go Wrong?” – Tools, Media and Papers.  The Basic Palette.  The Transparent Medium.  Basic Wash, Shading and Dry Brush Techniques.  Overpainting and Positive / Negative solutions.   Intermediate drawing ability recommended.


Pastel – “Smudging Was Never This Much Fun!” – Tools, Media and Papers.  Drawing or Painting?  Overpainting and Color Removal.  Fixing and Conservation.   Intermediate drawing ability recommended.


Solvent-Free Oils – Life Is Short, Don’t Put It Off Any Longer!– Tools, Media and Surfaces.  The Basic Palette and Technique.  Intermediate drawing ability recommended.

SPECIALTY STUDIOS –  Branch out, expand your horizons, explore hidden abilities!  Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced. Choose from the following classes:

Pen and Ink Drawing“Scritch, Scratch, Splatter!” The crisp, graphic definition of a drawing executed with a pen dipped in ink is a joy to behold.  Intermediate drawing ability recommended.

Cartooning“Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk – It’s a Joke!” Understanding caricature, exaggerated anatomy, facial expression, stylization,  action and movement.  Intermediate drawing ability recommended.

The Color Palette“Wild or Mild?” The symbolic meaning, theory and practical uses of the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Complementary colors will be experienced.  Beginning drawing ability recommended.

Composition and Design“Where Should This Go?” The dynamics of picture structure.  How to achieve a sense of depth, distance, harmony, action or movement.  Beginning drawing ability recommended.

Mixed Media / Assemblage and/or Collage“Use Some Of That Strange Stuff  You’ve Been Hoarding!” Unconventional media and technique are explored in this studio which encourages experimentation. Composition and Design and The Color Palette recommended.

Printmaking“Share Your Talent With Everyone You Know!” The Linocut Relief Print.  The Glass Plate Mono Print.  The Positive and Negative Line.  Cards, Posters, Gifts and Stationery. Intermediate drawing ability recommended.

Papier Maché“Don’t Throw Out All That Good Stuff!” Who would imagine such humble materials such as wire, cardboard, masking tape, glue, paint and newspaper could be the medium of your masterpiece sculpture? Create imaginary or real creatures,  fantasy or portrait masks. Simple, versatile and economical, sophisticated or rustic, this 3-D method of sculpture appeals to children and adults alike.  Intermediate drawing ability recommended.

Plein Air Watercolor“Ah, Summer! Don’t Forget Your Straw Hat and Sunglasses!” Learn rapid technique to capture the essence of what you see, then relax and fill in the details.  Intermediate drawing ability recommended.

Graphic Design and Illustration –  Are you a Design or Illustration student? I have over twenty years experience teaching at The Art Institute of Seattle and more professional experience. If the development of your creativity is a serious goal, I am available to tutor your development at any stage.

Matting and Framing “Beyond Push Pins And Masking Tape!” Give your art the respect it deserves – Put it in a frame!  Three Week Commitment.

The First Thursday Museum Experience –  “Let’s Keep An Open Mind!”    The Frye Museum or The Seattle Art Museum and perhaps beyond. I offer my opinions and responses to your choice of exhibits and welcome yours for a lively exchange.  Bring your sketchbook!  $15 per student – Transportation and Refreshments not included, call for details.